Larisa Larina - makeup expert. New York


Larisa Larina is an award winning, world renowned makeup artist, and she is essay writing service – sigmaessays the leading makeup artist in her home country of Ukraine. Now working and teaching in New York.

Besides competing internationally, Larisa owns and operates the International Makeup School. Students from countries around the world including Germany, Italy, Moldova, U.S.A., Russia, UAE, RSA, Argentina, Israel, Egypt, France and Spain study at her school to benefit from her expertise and knowledge. Larisa has also published numerous articles in professional and trade publications including in “TOUCH”, “Makeup”, “Your Hair”, and “Scissors” to name a few. And Larisa is on the editorial board of “Makeup + You Professional”, another trade publication.

Larisa Larina also practices the artistry she teaches. She continues to work on photo shoots for magazines such as L’Officiel, Ellements, Dreamingless etc.; television production, and print media as both a makeup artist and consultant. She is also the most in demand makeup artist of the most famous beauty salon of the world that is located on 5th Avenue – The Red Door by Elizabeth Arden and she is doing makeups for all editorials of The Red Door. She is being invited to work on the weddings all over the world – her in demand goes far beyond the city she lives.

Larisa Larina believes and expresses ghostwriter berlin through her work that makeup is not merely a service secto
r industry but truly an artistic endeavor and the world has recognized and rewarded her for this true passion. Larisa Larina International Makeup School is a brand name in the area of makeup artistry. The school attracts students from
different corners of the world: USA, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Russia, UAE, Egypt, Georgia, France and Spain to name a few since 2010. The success of the school and training program is reflected in the fact that the school graduates imitate and follow Larisa’s style as their master and teacher when creating their own projects and courses.

She has won numerous awards from Organisation Mundiale Coiffure (“OMC”), the world’s largest and most prestigious organization for the hair and makeup industry headquartered in Paris, France.


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