Larisa Larina - makeup artist. New York


Larisa Larina is an award winning, world renowned makeup artist.


Larisa believes that MAKEUP IS not merely a service sector industry but truly AN ART




She started her professional way in high school and since then she never gave up on it. Larisa took makeup and style classes. Luckily her first teacher was high level, extremely experienced makeup and special effects artist. Larisa fell if in love with this profession. During her courses Larisa showed so great results so she was the only one student who was advanced for International Competition. That was her very first experience in competing in 2003.

After her graduation from high school and makeup courses she entered Law Academy. During that time she kept on practicing makeup with her clients, mostly brides. Second year of Academy brought her a position of the lead makeup artist in the National Dramatic Theatre.

After graduation in 2008 she was already experienced and confident makeup artist. Larisa was working with famous magazines, TV, makeup brands, brides and celebrities. She has also published numerous articles in professional and trade publications including in “TOUCH”, “Makeup”, “Your Hair”, and “Scissors” to name a few. And Larisa is on the editorial board of “Makeup + You Professional”, another trade publication.


She was so high demand that she couldn’t take all the appointments. Meanwhile, she started to get more and more classes inquires. Starting to forward her technique and knowledge to others led her to open her own makeup school in 2010.

Students from countries around the world including Germany, Italy, Moldova, U.S.A., Russia, UAE, RSA, Argentina, Israel, Egypt, France and Spain study at her school to benefit from her expertise and knowledge.

In spite of all of that Larisa never stopped learning. She continued her education in makeup, bodypainting, special effects and airbrush. She attended the most respected courses and master classes in Ukraine and outside: France, Austria, Germany, Russia and United States.


In 3013 she continued to compete in the most prestigious makeup and bodypainting competitions of the world.

She has won numerous awards from Organisation Mundiale Coiffure (“OMC”), the world’s largest and most prestigious organization for the hair and makeup industry headquartered in Paris, France.


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