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Professional makeup course (Beginners)

Professional makeup course (Beginners)

The best program to make your first step into a makeup artist career. If you love makeup, feel like this is what you want to do in your life but don’t know what to start with, start with this course. I will lead you into this beautiful business and unlock my professional secrets for you.

During the course you will learn:
1. All you need to know about cosmetics: color, finish, coverage.
2. What your makeup kit should include;
3. How to prepare skin for makeup;
4. How to work with all skin types and colors;
5. How to create prefect eyebrows;
6. Correcting imperfections. Contouring. Strobing. Baking;
7. Types of eyes and how to work with each type;
8. How to makeup these styles of makeup: nude, smoky eyes, glamour, colorful,mature, red carpet, cat eye, fashion, camera ready;
9. How to apply individual and strip lashes;
10. Hygiene. Understanding client’s needs.

Benefits of the course
• After graduating this course you get a complimentary photoshoot of your diploma work makeup!
• Class is individual so you get really personal attention from your teacher!
• Makeup kit and brush set included for the course so no additional expenses!
• 14 hands on classes and only 1 theoretical!

Professional makeup course – 15 lessons (35 hours) – $2350

Professional makeup course (Advanced)

Professional makeup course (Advanced)

This course is for trained makeup artists who feel a need to improve skills. I don’t design a program for this course in advance because my goal is to close your individual gaps. We will build this program together starting out from what you need to improve and what you want to learn.

Benefits of the course
• Great opportunity to improve your skills with a wide experienced makeup artist and a highly skilled teacher.
• Wide makeup kit included for the course!
• Intensive hands-on lessons.

Professional makeup course – 5 lessons (15 hours)  – $900
One time professional advanced makeup class (3 hours) – $200
One time professional advanced Color or Creative makeup class (4 hours) – $300


Individual Private class

Individual Private class

If you want to look well-groomed in your everyday life, if you want to know what colors and textures are the best for you, If you want to learn makeup tricks, if you want to impress everyone someday with your amazing appearance, if you want to look like a celebrity…. What are you waiting for? Book your class!

Benefits of the course
• Choose the topic of the class yourself!
• Take as much classes as you need!
• Use my makeup kit and my brushes during the class!

*This is not a professional makeup class (not for a professional makeup artist)

Individual Private class – 2 hours class  –  $200. Each extra hour – $100 


Airbrush for Makeup Artists

Airbrush for Makeup Artists

Airbrush technique is amazing – easy applied and perfect blended foundation, hides all types of skin imperfections, good coverage but natural look. If you still haven’t tried this technique I guarantee you will find it very convenient and your clients will love it.

During the Full Airbrush course you will learn:
1. Benefits of airbrush makeup. How to hold and control airbrush;
2. How to apply makeup using professional airbrush;
3. Airbrush techniques for foundation, contouring, highlighting;
4. How to add creativity to your makeup look using airbrush;
5. How to clean your airbrush.

Benefits of the course
• Everything is included for the course– Airbrush and Compressor
• Special makeup kit for airbrush is included for the course
• You’ll be one jump ahead other makeup artists!

During the Pro Airbrush Class you will learn:

  1. Benefits of airbrush makeup
  2. How to use and clean Temptu Airpod Pro
  3. How to apply foundation using airpod Pro
  4. How to contour and highlight with airbrush
  5. Larisa’s style full glam and eye makeup

Full Professional Airbrush course – 5 lessons (15 hours)  – $1250

Pro Airbrush class $300